#1 Help ? von Richard Dower 12.05.2021 03:19

Would it be possible to get a download link for the Krone BiG M 500 BB ?

myself and mygamesteam worked on the update, we really like your work and would love to get the mod from you.


#2 RE: Help ? von Mod-scheune.de 13.05.2021 13:25


The mod is available to the DL via the DL portal ===>

I am happy to send you the DL LINK ===> https://sharemods.com/sks6lha73wwk/FS19_...500_BB.zip.html

Greetings mod-scheune.de

#3 RE: Help ? von Richard Dower 15.05.2021 02:55

Thank you.... mygamesteam said he will be in contact with you soon about the website idea.

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